Thawed Fortunes by Dean Murray

Thawed Fortunes
by Dean Murray

The setup:
Va'del should have been returning to a hero's welcome. In saving Jain, he also saved his people from a threat that the entire Guadel Council had been powerless to stop. Instead he once again finds himself caught between rival power blocks as his people teeter on the brink of disaster. A mission to the most likely source of a new set of attacks may result in a solution that will save the only way of life Va'del's ever known; but at what price?

What fans are saying about Thawed Fortunes:
5 stars – still Team Va’del
You have to admire Va'del's spirit and drive. I was again sucked into Dean Murray's Guadel [Chronicles] world…a refreshing new world to explore with characters we want to spend time with…–Dr. Deb
5 stars
Great read, again worth every penny, even better than the first book… –Jason
5 stars
I don't give a book 5 stars very often…I found it very different and memorable from other books... –My Opinion2U

The next installment in the exciting Guadel Chronicles, Thawed Fortunes is approximately 75,000 words long.

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