Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Big Book Promo!

A couple of developments have occurred that you all ought to know about. Firstly, I've joined another group of authors and we’re doing a joint promotion (The Winter Escapes Promotion), so starting tomorrow (the 7th through the 14th) we all have books that are either free or priced at $.99.

Additionally, we'll be giving away giftcards to Amazon, B&N, and iTunes. I haven't read any of their work yet myself (editing, etc. for Trapped, Brittle Bonds, and Forsaken has practically leveled me), but you all ought to stop by and see if anything catches your eye. The hope is that we'll each get some of our fans to swing by the site and that it will result in some cross pollination. So hopefully more Reflections fans will be coming onboard over the next few days as we head into the last little while before the next Alec and Adri book goes live.

Part of the idea behind the promotion is that we'll each post a little write up of one of our character's favorite winter memories as a way to help lure fans to the site. Hopefully you'll all be happy to hear that I'll be putting up two short pieces, one for each of our favorite Reflections characters. The second one should be a tug at your heartstrings moment as you realized just what a certain someone had in store for a certain someone else. The other is more of a teaser. If you read my first blog post on the promo site, The Greater Darkness, and Forsaken, you’ll find a common thread between the three of them.

The common thread is a big deal, but the full story there isn't going to become apparent for a while still. The plan is for me to peel back some of the secrecy around this particular part of the 'myth arc' little by little, but I'd like to start that process now. For the first fan to read The Greater Darkness, the first post on the Winter Escapes Promo Site, and the next Alec and Adri book (still due out around Christmas), and then come back here and correctly identify the important common thread between all three, will get a signed copy of Broken and Torn when I get them into print (still a couple of months away at least). To make sure that I know where to send the prize when it’s done, send me an e-mail with your comment pasted into the body of the e-mail right after you post your comment. Then I’ll have the contact information for the winner so that I can get a mailing address.




  1. Claire (big thanks) just pointed out that it was hard to find the Adri memory now so I'm pasting in the links:

    Adri's memory:

    Alec's memory:

    Thanks everyone-excited to see what you all come up with!

  2. I don't know if this is correct or not but I think the underlying theme over the three books in the competition is the old religious man. He's in adris memory, he tells her what to do about Alec and also helps with the werewolf and he's in your other reflection story. He also seemed to make people tell him the truth rather than lie. I dunno if that's correct or not but that's my guess anyway lol..

  3. Oh and I'm guessing its going to be an angel or something along that mythology. Just a guess though.

  4. This weekend was a big crazy, so I'm just now getting back to 'work'.

    I got this from Lauren on Friday:

    "Okay. So I read the blogs and books, but am still only getting a sketchy idea of the common factor. All I can sense is that all three characters open up then try to shut down. It is like they want to have a perfect ending but are scared. Geoffrey(?) was scared of loosing the only piece of his past he remembers so he caves. Adri writes a happy memory but Is scared of thinking of her sister so she decides to let it go. Alec tries to be happy and decides to do something for adri she leaves and he decides he won't open up. It's kinda like a love triangle but not... If any of that makes sense..."

  5. Here was my response to Lauren:

    "Thanks for reaching out to let me know what you thought was the common thread. That is a pretty good analysis, but actually a bit deeper than I was thinking."

    It really was a good guess, but not quite what I was looking for. I sent Lauren a free copy of Trapped and let her know she was free to come back and try again :)

  6. From Claire in one of the comments above:

    "I think the underlying theme over the three books in the competition is the old religious man. He's in adris memory, he tells her what to do about Alec and also helps with the werewolf and he's in your other reflection story."

    We have a winner! I won't comment on the other aspects of her answer because I don't want to confirm or deny anything about 'The Priest' as I call him, but he is definitely the common thread between the three stories.

    Claire has sent me her address, so I'll be sending over an autographed copy of Broken and Torn as soon as I get them out in paperback!

    If anyone wants to guess about the nature of the priest still here in the comments please feel free-I won't tell you if you're right or not, but it might be interesting to see what you all come up with :)