Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brittle Bonds Cover Reveal and Blurb Voting

I'm excited to be able to show you all the cover for the third Guadel Chronicles book, Brittle Bonds!

I've also pasted in three different blurbs below and would love to have you vote in the comments as to which is your favorite blurb.  If you think that none of them are any good you can tell me that as well and I'll go back to the drawing board. :)

Blurb 1

Va'del has saved his people for the second time in as many months.  This time he's determined to take what is rightfully his and marry Jain, but not everyone is happy with his accomplishments. Old enemies are preparing to see to it that Va'del and Jain never return home.

The coming treachery will do more than threaten Va'del and Jain's lives. It will test their devotion to each other and start them down a path that could lead to the overthrow of an entire civilization.

Blurb 2
Before Va'del and Jain left with the food caravan to the lowlands there were signs that something wasn't right at the Capital.  Being imprisoned and almost killed distracted everyone in the caravan from the problems back home for a while. Now that they are headed back up the mountain things are getting serious, and the closer they get to their destination, the bleaker things look. 
Va'del  wants nothing more than to make it home and marry Jain, but instead the two of them are thrust into a dangerous new environment that will test not just their skills and determination, but also their commitment to each other.

Blurb 3
Va'del has clawed his way up through the ranks of his people's military despite everything the establishment did to try and stop him. He and Jain have saved their civilization twice now, but there are still those that would stand in the way of the two of them marrying and becoming a nearly unbeatable force on the battlefield.
The return trip back up to the top of the mountain range that their people called home was something everyone knew would be dangerous, but hidden perils quickly force the two of them in unexpected directions. Cut off from the rest of their party and in the greatest danger of their lives, the two of them will be forced to endure a test of their commitment to each other that could tear them apart.
More than just their relationship rides on their ability to navigate the trials ahead of them. Part of the cabal that has been striking at them from the shadows is just about to make its presence known and this time there is a whole new set of innocents in danger.

Thanks again everyone for your help wading through these blurbs.  Blurb writing is my least-favorite part of all of this.


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